Glamping at Kohila Vald, Raplamaa

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In the middle of a young coniferous forest, it's good to slow down the pace of life and spend some time in the middle of nature. A warm and comfortable tent to rest in, a private sauna with wood-burning heater for your invigorating sauna experience together with an enchanting view gives you an opportunity to rediscover your connection with nature. Kuusehaldja glamping is perfectly suitable for both couples and families with children. We are located in Kohila municipality, Raplamaa - 20 km from Rapla and 30 km from Tallinn.

Glamping tent accommodates up to 4 persons. The tent is equipped with a wood-burning stove and electric heated mattresses on all three beds. It guarantees enough warmth and good sleep also on the coldest nights.
About 30m2 of tent surface means that there is enough space for even a maximum number of guests.

What is in the tent?

  • Double bed
  • Two single beds
  • Electricity, lighting, heated mattresses
  • Blankets, pillows, sheets, towels
  • Wood-burning stove
  • Gas stove, kettle
  • Tea, coffee, cups, plates, glasses
  • Bench, chairs and table in front of the tent for spending time on the terrace

Start the fire and heat the sauna to the desired temperature. Throw water on the stove to get some steam, whisk and repeat as long as you feel like it.

  • Wood-burning heater
  • Sauna bench that fits the whole group
  • Separate dressing room and sauna room
  • Washing water and sauna accessories
  • Firewood next to sauna
  • Lighting and electricity
  • A wooden boardwalk connecting a sauna, a toilet and a tent

The fireplace creates the necessary atmosphere

  • Firewood for reasonable consumption
  • The possibility of cooking at the fireplace
  • Accessories for grilling and cooking

Staying in the forest does not mean that you have to compromise on everyday comforts

  • Private dry toilet
  • Hand washing water, towels and other necessary accessories

Prices and booking details

  • €175 / night
  • €250 / 2 nights
  • €360 / 3 nights
  • Overnight stay in glamping, sauna and all accessories are included in the price
  • Booking directly from the website
  • check-in 14:00, check-out 11:00
  • Extra fee for pet is €10 / night



  • Salutaguse küla, Kohila vald, Raplamaa
  • 20 km from Rapla, 30 km from Tallinn
  • 4 km from Kohila

How to get there?